Workplace Exchange

WorkPlace Exchange

WorkPlace Exchange is a service offered by Corporate Insight that helps retirement plan sponsors improve participant engagement and employee communications. We provide access to plan campaigns and other communications, as well as survey results and a quarterly research report that evaluates all items received from plan sponsors, assessing pertinent trends in the space.

The Exchange is predicated on our relationships with plan sponsors. All campaign documents and correspondence are received from you, the plan sponsor. It is then censored of company and plan provider information, leaving the communication component unaltered for an authentic look. As such, members of the Exchange are required to share participant correspondence proactively, as well as the results of campaigns and communication efforts.

Thanks to Corporate Insight’s existing research services, namely Retirement Plan Monitor and Retirement Plan Monitor-Institutional, we have in-house experts who have been researching the retirement industry for nearly 10 years; we will regularly share relevant research on the Exchange.

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